Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to Format a Hard Drive of HP Laptop?

Formatting laptop hard drive means you are going to wipeout all the data from the hard disk of your PC, making it completely new ready for resell or reuse with the new start. Once the format process is done you need to reinstall the operating system in your HP laptop. HP laptop users looking to format their device need to follow few careful steps given below.

Step 1: You need to insert windows installation CD containing HP laptops optical drive. If you don’t have windows installation CD, then buy the new one matching the windows operating system version installed into your system. You need to purchase the same version of windows operating system to reinstall after formatting your system.

Step 2: Now shut down your system and restart while entering into boot menu that will allow you to find CD or DVD drive to get a copy of windows. In such critical situation you can take help of tech professionals providing HP technical support through remote access.

Step 3: To enter into boot menu you need to restart your HP laptop and meanwhile press “ESC” key to enter boot menu at the time when boot menu appears on the screen. Now you can use arrow keys for navigating and highlighting “CD/DVD drive” and press enter key. However, if you not successfully able to enter into boot menu and your system started normally, you can restart.

Step 4: When your windows disc loaded, follow the on-screen instructions and after accepting the license agreement click on “Custom (Advanced).” Now select the partition of your hard drive and click on Format to initiate the formatting process. Wait till the process completed and your HP laptop data is completely erased and new operating system available.

When the process completed your HP laptop is ready to sell for new user with completely new user-interface with company stored default settings and configuration. If you have already created a windows recovery disc into any other external device, then you can reinstall the operating system into your HP laptop. However, if you face any problem, you can HP laptop technical support and format your computer with complete safety.    

How to Fix HP Wireless Printer Offline?

Your HP printer showing offline will not be able to communicate with the computer and this type of errors comes due to network related issues that show printer offline. To fix the HP printer showing offline you need to run various troubleshooting process. And here below few troubleshooting process has been discussed that can help you to fix printer offline issue.

Reset and Check the Connection Status of Printer

Before you do anything else you can try for this, you just need to rest your printer and check the status of printer, as if there is printing job in a queue or printer goes to ideal state etc. it will be restored and reconnection will start your HP printer. Meanwhile also check wireless connection and wired connection, whatever is connecting your printer with computer it should be properly checked and settings should be configured properly.

Run HP Print and Scan Doctor for Connectivity Check

HP Print and Scan Doctor is a free tool to troubleshoot printing related various issues. If you not have this tool, then download and run HP print and scan doctor from HP website and automatically run the troubleshooting process to fix the problem. If you need help to download this tool, then get HP printer technical support for quick help. This tool is very useful and help to fix printing related various issues itself.

Reinstall HP Printer Software into your Computer

Another effective step you can try, remove the old print and reinstall the printer into your computer with the help of using HP printer software. Go to printer and device menu and right click and remove the device from your computer system. For reinstalling the same printer you need to remove from the computer and do so, many times help to different types of technical issues affecting the performance of the HP printer.

Windows 10 users Install Windows update KB3147458

Many windows users who have upgraded their system to windows 10 are facing issues with HP printer connection. However, later on Microsoft has released updates with bug fixed to solve occurrences of your printer go offline. Microsoft has released exclusive update with version name KB3147458 to repair this printer problem. If you need help for updating your HP system you can get HP printer customer support open online.

How to Fix HP Laptop Screen Blackout?

Screen blackout in HP laptop means no light or no sound and screen is blank or showing error message like computer not start. This issue can create major problem if not solved timely and if you have entered password and the courser is blinking on the screen it means you need to run a right troubleshooting process to fix this issue that has been discussed below.

Connect External Monitor for Display

Laptop screen blackout errors come and remain black either due to corrupted graphics or a problem with the back light display. To check the issue you need to run a display test in which you have to connect any other monitor with your PC. If HP laptop screen is blackout, then external display would be helpful because it will tell you that whether sound, vent fan, drivers and warring tones are working or you need to update the same.

Resetting the Memory Module of HP Laptop

A loose memory module will not let you to see the images. This problem can be solved by resetting the memory modules can help you to solve this issue. To reset the memory module you need to take help from certified technician providing HP laptop troubleshooting service. However, this will work only in HP notebook PC, for other HP computer devices the process is different that can be performed with the help of an expert. 

Understand the Behavior of LED Light

LED light in your HP laptop indicates a particular activity through different shades of colors and you need to understand the behavior of this light. One or two short beeps before starting means that your computer is running normally and BIOS startup and setting are fine. However, if your computer beeps and not starts means there is some serious hardware issue or likely to attack to your computer which needs to be addressed skillfully.

Recover the BIOS by Pressing Right Key

While upgrading BIOS on your HP notebook also store a copy of previous BIOS into the HP_TOOLS partition of the hard disk. This helps to recover HP notebooks through BIOS recovery feature to recuperate and installed the last version of the BIOS from the hard drive. This vital feature is different from the BIOS and is especially designed to work in the event of a disastrous BIOS failure to configure HP laptop with new settings.